Friday, February 1, 2013

Community Service Becomes Nonprofit Business

A year ago I started a blog,, with a couple of friends. It was a platform to create dialogue about complex social issues in our society. My vision was to get people talking online, outside and in the office about the insane things happening all around us that frankly we weren’t taking seriously--- everything from assaultive conflicts with city bus drivers to seniors who talked about and celebrities who actually did, commit suicide. But beyond that, I wanted to create a community; a nationwide community of thinkers and believers who feel strongly about changing the dialogue among ordinary people and create empowering strategies to bring everyone into conversation about things that impact society. 

After months of tireless work and countless sleepless nights, a movement began and people from around the nation started reaching out to our growing advocacy group, The Collective Advocates, or what we affectionately call, TCA. As of January 14, 2013, TCA is a nonprofit organization!

TCA has worked extremely hard to create vision and dreams fulfilled. We are grateful to all of the individuals, organizations, freedom fighters and trailblazers before us and with us. It has been an incredible journey of growth and exploration and we are only just beginning. Thank you to our team who have helped make TCA what we’ve become online and in the community. And thank you to all of the people who never shy away from giving us their love and encouragement. We have some incredible things in store for you!

We ask that you continue to grow with us because we need you! And we hope the feeling is mutual. We want you to join us this year in our yearlong campaign about domestic human trafficking and much more! We look forward to seeing you at our launch party this summer. And we invite you to read about us on our new website— Continue to talk with us through our blog,, where several times a week we address current social issues that impact communities of color. Visit our Flickr for a history of our community events. Stroll over to our Connections page where we provide free national community resources. And strongly consider becoming a Volunteer. We promise you won’t regret it!

Happy New Year Everyone! And welcome to The Collective Advocates for Social Change & Development, Inc.

Asha Tarry, Executive Director/President

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