Monday, January 14, 2013

Great Expectations

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I was wondering how much time do you spend with your friends these days? I mean, when you have a career, a family, school, a relationship and everything else how much time do you actually have to spend with your friends? Is it different now then it was, say, when you were in high school or college? And if you're like me, maybe you miss the fun and closeness you had with some of your friends from back then that's different then the time you have with them now. What happens that changes our relationships with people? Is it that we don't "find" the time or we don't make the commitment to finding time? And what do we expect from our friends now that we're in the real world?

I ask myself these questions because as I continue to grow and change I wonder what kind of friend I am and what kinds of friends I have. I hear other people talk about their frustrations with some of their friends and I question them about the questions they have about their relationships with their friends. I don't think we ask ourselves enough questions. I think sometimes we go along to get along and then we realize, occasionally, that we don't like where we've been going. Let's do something about that this year.

Why not create a new habit in 2013---ASK QUESTIONS!




At January 16, 2013 at 6:00 AM , Blogger Tracey Winona Sanford said...

Asha, I decided to go on a relationship defining movement this year due much in regards to what kind of friendships do I have? A component of the task was to gather information where I would begin to call a thing a thing! It has worked and will continue to work. Some folks are angry because I have decided to reduce our contacts as they are takers and I have no more to give them. Others are coming along as I define my goals in the relationship as well. All in all, this task is one I am placing on my vision board for more clarity in this yr and the future. Friendships take work and the scales must stay balanced.


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