Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday #MentalHealth #MythBuster: Aggression, Perpetual Lying & Breaking Rules Are A Part of Growing Up

#Conduct Disorder in children and adolescents is a serious moral and social issue that includes significant warning signs

#Aggression & physical cruelty to people and animals is a warning sign that is atypical of appropriate adolescent behavior

#Bullying, threatening, fighting & forcing someone into sexual activity is deviant and signs can appear before adolescence

#Deliberately setting fires or intentionally damaging other people's property is cause to be concerned

#Carrying weapons with the intent to harm others does not imply self protection

#Intentionally lying to others to obtain some personal or financial gain is not common adolescent behavior

#If these behaviors impair the child or adolescent's functioning in school or social settings parents should seek help immediately

#Parents are crucial stakeholders in some of the preventable behaviors of children and teens with Conduct Disorder

#Early nurturing, including sensitivity to your child's emotional and social needs is valuable according to research

#Being attentive to your child and teen's strengths early in their life enhances positive self-reflection

#Teaching your child or adolescent, in her/his early years, to think of other people's feelings creates empathy

#Setting boundaries at every stage of childhood is crucial: children & teens need to follow rules and know the consequences of breaking rules

Feel free to share these hastags on social media. These are only some warning signs of Conduct Disorder or Bullying.

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Asha, Licensed Mental Health Specialist

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