Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The How-To

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As of late, this is something I've been contemplating--the how-to of doing things--from establishing processes for our nonprofit to supervising staff, to mentoring Social Work students. How do we do...anything? Do we ever think about it? Maybe we just go at doing things and see what happens. If you know like I do now, that could lead to feeling overwhelmed, stressed, overworked and tired, not to mention, occasionally confused and forgetful.
Starting a nonprofit for The Collective Advocates is hard work. I've been fortunate, however, to work with some fun and talented, committed people and that's hard to find; people who are dedicated, understand your mission, have passion AND work hard! Not easy!

So, again, going back to the original thinking of this idea of "how-to" I think about the "why's"--why it's important to have systems and processes because that always brings me back to the question of 'how do I do that?' How can we do that, together? As a "collective" group of thinkers, planners and executioners we decide how we create platforms and environments where people want to meet other advocates and join forces to lift our voices against injustice and inequality. The end can never be there if you're always creating and determining the "how-to" of doing that.

I hope, this year, The Collective Advocate will discover some more "how-to" creative thinkers that will bring their talents on board for the ride we know will be A--mazing!

(If you are interested in being a Social Advocate for our causes--human trafficking, HIV/Young America, mental health, complete a form thru our Volunteer page)




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