Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday #MentalHealth #MythBuster: When Boys Can't Concentrate & Fidget Most Likely It's ADHD

#There are many reasons why children, not only boys, have difficulty concentrating and can't stay still for extended periods of time

#Although boys (13.2%) are diagnosed with ADHD at higher rates than girls (5.2%), girls can also experience symptoms of ADHD*

#Difficulty sustaining attention and distractability are only a few signs of the disorder

#Hyperactivity and impulsivity have to be present for 6 months & manifest in various settings such as in school, in after-school programs and/or at home

#If symptoms are present for less than 6 months there may be other causes for your child's behavior

#Play therapy is a type of psychotherapy for children to help kids and parents gain insight & learn new ways of modifying their child's behaviors

#Children can receive therapeutic services in school, at home, in a clinic or in a provider's office

#Depending on your medical carrier, children can receive low cost or free comprehensive services to treat ADHD

#Rates of ADHD diagnosis is higher in adolescents than it is in younger children*

These are only a few signs/symptoms of ADHD. If you have concerns with your child, talk w/ your child's pediatrician, school psychologist or social worker.

*contributions by, DSM-IV-TR

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Asha, Licensed Mental Health Specialist

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At January 18, 2013 at 4:09 PM , Blogger Tracey Winona Sanford said...

As an elementary school teacher it is certain you will encounter students males and females who may or may not have been formally diagnosed with ADHD/ADD however the symptomatic behaviors are present. As teachers, many of us are not clinicians therefore we have to rely on a team of professionals and their expertise to perform a battery of assessments and physiological exams. Hopefully after all has been medically ruled out, a psychological and/or nuerological assessment will determine which beneficial path to take with the best interests of the child in the forefront. Unfortunately more males are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD yet when it occurs in females, people have been slower to accept it thus allowing her to further slip into the hole of being unserviced! One thing is for sure, the more information presented and the more ppl talk about ADD/ADHD, ASD/Aspergers, the more aware we are of how to teach these students whether they are children or adults. I am an advocate for differentiated instruction and responses to intervention. This is the way all students are assured a valuable education.


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