Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year---You Made It!

It's here--#2013--you made it through! And what you didn't do but hoped to last year maybe you can do this year. What you haven't tried possibly you will try. What you didn't know you may soon find out. So go get it!

Sometimes starting a new year is almost like being able to wipe off your slate and begin anew. Isn't that what we tell ourselves? Isn't that why we start our new diets Jan.1st and we proclaim our "resolutions?" I won't pretend I don't have high hopes in each new year but realistically whatever we didn't get to last year either becomes a task to add to the list of resolves for this year or maybe something we forget about all together. If we think of the way we end or begin it's all really about the choice we have to make. What we choose, when we choose, at what time we choose, and when we let go all boils down to making a choice.

It's not so easy all the time but we are not powerless in the process, no matter the decision. It's simple to feel like we are. But whenever we look at life helplessly life makes a return on that belief right away. This year my hope is that more women and men understand their power as human beings and their purpose and follow their passion. Allow life to give you what it has waiting for you. Take risks. Do something else. And check your relatives--Fear and Shame--at the door.



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