Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday #MentalHealth #MythBuster: Psychotherapy Is For White Folks

#Although a majority of mental health professionals are Caucasian, there are mental health professionals who are Latino, African American, Asian and other

#Under some insurance plans, clients may have access to a database for professionals from different ethnic groups, genders, cultures and religions

#Typically, minorities do not often self disclose personal/relational issues outside of their race, family or religious group

#Mental health professionals are trained in cultural sensitivity

#Research has shown that Caucasian people seek out mental health services more often than people of other races

#Psycho-therapeutic services are offered in communities where different races & social/economic groups have access

#There are several ways to experience psycho-therapeutic services: via individual ,family, couples and group sessions

#It is not uncommon for various ethnic groups to feel suspicious of mental health professionals

#Psychotherapy can address the fears people have about therapy & help create a new kind of working relationship between "outsiders" and clients

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