Monday, March 4, 2013

Is Conversation Changing For The Better?

Photo by Sharon Mollerus
Children are wonderful people to watch explore the world. They are typically in awe of everyday things. They see the world in unfamiliar ways. As they learn language sometimes we learn language all over again with them. We try to explain what words mean and how to define them in simple terms. In doing this, we can find ourselves, at times, caught in a quandary of what words actually mean and how to use them.

Adults can be some of the best teachers of language and conversation or we can be some of the worst. Words, how we use them, and in what ways we use them can be formed in an abundance of ways. But just as words have changed language so has conversation changed the way we interact. Are we using words and conversation to educate? To empower? To redefine our world?

If someone were to rate your communication skills, what do you think your rating would be on a scale from A to F?




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