Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Is Social Advocacy?

Founder Asha Tarry w/ TCA volunteers at the SMS Walk (2012)
Since TCA’s inception we have been getting asked, what is social advocacy? Now that we are a nonprofit social advocacy organization not much has changed. Social advocacy is acting on behalf of issues that relate to people and how people relate within society.

Human beings are social creatures. Everything we do is interrelated. We need people to get along in society and now, more than ever, we believe people need engaging and interesting ways to learn new patterns of socializing. Though social media has in some ways negatively affected the way we communicate, we use social media and the positive aspects of it to socialize & (re)develop with one another. Hence, the name of our organization--The Collective Advocates for Social Change & Development, Inc.

Our goal is to create lasting, positive systemic change in communities of color. This doesn’t exclude the relationships we have and build with others. In fact, we encourage development within the realms of people of color and then beyond those borders, because ultimately we all need better ways of understanding and being together.

At this time in history, there’s no better moment to do something good for one another, like giving back and building up vulnerable communities. If you feel inspired by us and what we are doing, support us. Give us two hours of your time per month to volunteer. Donate to our organization. We need your support for everything we do. Visit our website and let us know where you are in the journey of giving


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