Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday #MentalHealth #MythBuster: Your Boss Discovering You Have A Mental Illness Can Cost You Your Job

#Every employee has a right to privacy, with certain stipulations, for mental health treatment

#Your boss is not entitled to know your mental health diagnosis, though your employer may, for payee/payor purposes

#Your employer is legally not allowed to discriminate against you for having a mental health diagnosis

#HIPAA is the legislation passed in 1996 to protect & secure patient health information

#People with mental illness who may need time off from work can use short-term disability from work

#A medical doctor or psychiatrist has to provide a clinical evaluation to an employee to support an employee’s short-term disability plan

#An employee’s job may be maintained, for a limited time, while on leave from work for mental health disability

#An employee should consult their Human Resources department, company’s policies and possibly a lawyer who specializes in mental health law about one’s rights as an employee

#An employee should inquire about paid & unpaid leave if they’re contemplating time off for a mental health disability

Asha, Licensed Mental Health Specialist



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