Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Where Are We?

As I journey through building my first nonprofit organization I look at successful entrepreneurs who have done it before me and I’m in awe of the number of books, classes, shows and personal quotes I find written and taught by men. Where are the women? I know we’re out there. I’ve met some of you. But where’s the acclaim for women who launch new ventures and where are the women mentors? I want us to have our 40 acres and a mule too!

When I started our grassroots association last year I was eager to find a mentor. I had hoped for a particular woman whom I had admired, but to my dismay, the relationship never developed, not even a little. Instead, I met other advocates and activists that I respected and who respected me and my mission. To this day, I’ve still not found a mentor. Instead I’ve discovered new experiences (and a business coach!). I’m learning so much and I’m growing every day. With or without a mentor, nothing can replace this journey I am on. And my wish is that when the next generation of burgeoning entrepreneurs come along they won’t be asking where are the rest of us?




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