Monday, February 18, 2013


Why are we afraid to tell each other the truth? When people misrepresent themselves, lie or make us uncomfortable we mumble and groan and talk about them behind their backs but why aren’t we telling them to their face?

In Social Work, the word “confrontation” is a clinical term loosely meaning an act to inform the other of the experience we’re having with them in a honest & direct way. But a lot of us are afraid of the word confrontation. It frightens us into believing that something’s going to turn out bad if we confront each other. And possibly it may not turn out the way you thought it up in your mind, but it’s not always bad or unfortunate.

Imagine what would happen if we took more chances to tell someone we cared about just what we thought and felt about our experiences with them and the kinds of impact that they have had on us? Would our relationships be any different?




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