Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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In a world where multitasking is the norm where do we find time for reflection? Self reflection is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. For me, it's the most precious part of my day. It keeps me in tune with what I did, mistakes I made, things I want to do better, things I want to do at all. Some people may call it a form of meditation but whatever you call it, it feeds the soul. Sometimes, I include prayer in my self reflection. Prayer is like that snack you have---anywhere in the day, it just fits right in! It's what I look forward to; it's what gives me hope. As we approach the holidays and especially following the tragedies from Hurricane Sandy, gifts may be fewer this year, so I offer this gift to my readers. This is a prayer I wrote last year. Feel free to re-gift it:

May 11, 2011: Dear God, please bring clarity to me each day. Please continue to show me what I want and don't want both in my professional and personal life. Please give me the patience for your reveal and the understanding I will need to make sense of it all. Please make me and keep me honest in my thoughts, feelings and intentions. Allow me to be considerate to those loved ones closest to me. Remove from my thoughts the distractions that would impair my better judgment  and help me to work through my past mistakes, pains and discomforts so that I will not keep repeating them. Thank you Lord for my life, this day, the beautiful sunshine, love, and all the support and opportunities I've had and continue to have.

I pray that I will give goodness to the world. Manifest my purpose and keep me conscious of it. Show your light through my actions. I pray that I will demonstrate compassion and be a guide to all those who need it. I ask for wisdom, insight, kindness, joy and eternal peace.





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