Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where Is Your 40 Acres?

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Election Night I was home trying my best to stay up as several U.S. states lagged behind so many others, counting the votes for our next President. In the end, it was all worth the wait, Barack Obama was re-elected. Four years earlier, a lot of us were more worked up and excited hoping, praying that we would see the first African American president win the election. This time around I think we were still quite excited, but possibly more worried that the win would go to Mitt Romney and not Barack Obama.

In some ways, I felt Obama was the better of the less than worse. I know, some people may think that that is nuts but I support Obama, I just don't support the flip flop all the presidential candidates do in order to win the elections and in that way, Barack Obama is no different.

Barack does present however, a vision of hope and for that I am grateful. I am also grateful that he lives with 4 women of color and obviously understands the importance of women's roles in the world. He supports women's reproductive rights, fair wages, access to education and human rights hence, his support of the transparency in overseas government contracts with industries who may have a part in modern day slavery. Nevertheless, Barack can't do it all on his own.

In 2008, he asked families to sit with their children at dinner, turn off the TVs and help kids with their homework, set the boundaries as parents. We believed in our president and hope that he would succeed at his promises. Now, many of us are forgetting some of the things he said he would do and did. Others are mad that he hasn't paid people of color enough attention.

My question is, when will people of color begin to demand what we need in the beginning of our relationships instead of towards the end? This relationship with the president is like no other but nonetheless it is symbolic to how we often relate in our society. Go first and lead. I'll follow and ask questions later. Maybe we should rethink the position we want to play and start being top competitors in the game.


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At November 19, 2012 at 9:44 AM , Blogger Rosechell Spencer III said...

Kind of on a tangent, but one thing I really do completely think Obama did for the benefit of minorities was appointing Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice. This was an amazing appointment to me. How much thoughtful could it be to appoint a minority woman who was a product of immigrant parents a justice? I think he really gave minorities a chance, a face, some hope, and representation in this appointment. People often forget this and fail to really consider the significance of his choice.

At November 20, 2012 at 12:33 AM , Blogger asha.tarry said...


I'm confused about where the tangent comes in. This was just 1 perspective of a writer relaying some of the sentiments of a group of people.
Tangents, as I know them are disconnected thoughts that espouse often unrelated thoughts.
Were you referring to something in particular?
Nonetheless, I appreciate your comment about the Justice Sotomayor:)


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