Sunday, December 9, 2012

Social Media: The Spoken & Unspoken Side Of Things

Photo by: Stuart.Bassil
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and so many other social media vehicles have become the way we advertise our personal interests and our social platforms. And they've also become the mediums by which some relationships have ended. The question is, should people be more responsible with how they use social media?

Earlier this year, I read in the news that one guy lost his job after telling his boss he was out sick when in actuality he was home, chatting on Facebook about all the fun he was having. When he returned to work, his boss told him he saw his comments on Facebook and he was fired! A friend of mine told me she almost broke up with her boyfriend after discovering some misleading photos on social media with he and other women. And another young woman discovered her recent ex on Facebook had gotten married. Shock cannot completely explain what she felt especially since earlier this year they were talking about their own potential future together. I could give you countless stories like these but I don't have to, you've already heard them. Is that the way we're going, in how we communicate with each other? The question may be mute at this point because the answer is in the evidence.

I'm not naive to knowing that we are all searching for something. And I also understand that some of us are searching for that public acknowledgment from others. But are we sacrificing our souls to get it? Have we completely lost all social responsibility or courtesy to each other by using social media to jeopardize what could be significant relationships? Why aren't we confronting each other on the way we behave? Do we even know how to confront ourselves and our madness, could that be keeping us from having those real conversations?

Not addressing the elephant in the room never makes the elephant go away. Behaving as if the issues don't exist has never resolved one problem we've had in our lives. That elephant is still standing in the corner waiting for you to run into it head on, rather than go around it. The fear of things unknown is usually bigger than the issue we want to ignore. Some of the greatest teachers exist because they've internally taken on the toughest, intrapersonal work. They know the only way to get over the madness is to get to the madness that holds our deepest fears and insecurities.

Where are you in getting to the bottom of the tough stuff in your life?  If you want to grow exponentially in this lifetime, take risks!. Life is always more exciting that way. And then write me and tell me how it went. I'll be right here, waiting for you.




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