Sunday, December 16, 2012

Living Life While Single & Judged Because Of It

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What is it about women who do it all while single? Well, last year I was told by someone in my life that it's because of my work ethic---working too much, being "too busy" that has kept me from finding Mr. Right(now)and getting married. WTH! Once again, women get boomeranged with the burden of what is wrong with some of the things in the world, including failing to secure a committed relationship.

Where are these conversations happening with men? We value men who work hard, make money, travel the world, read the New York Times but not so much the women who do these things while single. How about we encourage our young adults to explore the world, find their interests, seek knowledge and discover their passions before selling themselves and a potential mate short of a less than fascinating well rounded individual. Where are those talks going on and why haven't I received my invitation to the round-tables where they're happening?

In #2012 women and men are more unique now than 30-somethings were a few decades ago. We want so much more than red roses, wine and a wedding cake. At the same time, we all want that special thing---and that thing can be any-thing. It's not always a man or a woman or a relationship. At least it's not the epitome of completeness or living. It is a part of it, yes, but throwing out implications to any young woman or man that they're doing something wrong or less than normal because they haven't grabbed a partner is a little presumptuous and maybe even narrow-minded. Possibly finding our passion and working towards some attainable goals while having integrity is a new-age sort of thinking that keeps the light in my eyes. My advice to all those in my shoes: Live The Life You Set Out To Live And Live It With Purpose And Passion And Everything Else You Need Will Follow!




At December 18, 2012 at 2:06 PM , Anonymous @AVGJOhanna said...

My sentiments exactly. The irony is that if we were constantly whining about loneliness and being single, we would be told to get a life. Double-edge sword, supposedly...

At December 20, 2012 at 2:34 AM , Blogger asha.tarry said...

It certainly is. I appreciate your comment.


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