Sunday, October 28, 2012


Guest Blogger:
Tresia Bowles

It's been two months since I started college and now that I've gotten use to it things have begun to pick up. I'm starting to understand my classes better and how they work. My grades are gradually improving and midterms are coming up so I've really been focusing on my studies. I've gotten so into Zumba that I've decided to train to become a Zumba instructor next summer. I've also begun reconsidering my major. Although I love writing, I hate being limited or forced to write about a certain subject. I've been thinking about possibly studying mass media or broadcasting. It's all up in the air these days!

Recently, my room mate and I have been butting heads. She always has her fiance in the room and its starting to get annoying. Not too long ago, she invited him to our room while he was sick and he passed his sickness right on to me, leaving me with an 101.7 degree temperature. Needless to say, I told her not to let it happen again. But she didn't listen, she brought him back. This time, vomiting. It was so disgusting I was forced to leave my own room. That night I slept in a friend's room just to be safe and I told my room mate she had 24 hours to disinfect the room before my return. Did she listen this time, no!  When I returned to the room we ended up arguing and both the Resident Director and the Resident Assistant had to intervene. They mellowed things. But she lied and said she cleaned when she obviously didn't because the same soap scum from all week was still on the sink. Nevertheless, the R.D. believed her and nothing was resolved except that her boyfriend hasn't returned to the room sick...yet. Our tone in the room hasn't been the same since. And at this point, I'm kind of fed up and I plan on moving out next semester.

On the positive side, I was recently interviewed to be a Resident Assistant for next school year. I'm hoping I get it so that I can be the kind of R.A. I would want. Plus, my parents are forcing me to be more independent and I won't get the new car from them that I had hoped for, so having a job is also on the list of things to do.

I still haven't found that special guy, though I've been searching. The little crush I had has a girlfriend and the guy that wants me has broken my heart so many times that I don't want to mend things with him. I've accepted the fact that I'll probably be single for a while. Maybe God doesn't want me in a relationship right now and I should just yield and be patient. And with college's ups and downs I'm just ready to be completely at peace. Still, I don't think I'll be satisfied until I have the grades I want, the job I want, I move out of my room and find a partner. Until that moment, I'll keep striving to reach my goals.

Wish me luck!


* Tresia is one of TCA's guest bloggers. She wrote her 1st story for the blog back in August. Tresia has been allowing us to follow her 1st year's experience at college. Let's support her by commenting below. Give her your thoughts on what you would do in her circumstance with her roommate and her search for love. You can also follow Tresia on Twitter at @DancingTre.



At November 6, 2012 at 3:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really a great piece love the openness and your commitment to you education as well a the level of independence you are embarking on!

Now with regards to a boyfriend - don't make that a priority, enjoy your youth


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