Sunday, September 30, 2012


We marched. We lifted our voices. We collectively brought attention to #endmoderndayslavery yesterday.

Some of us traveled 4,5,12 hours, by bus even, to march on Washington for the long fight against modern day slavery also known as #humantrafficking.  However many hours or ways by which we arrived, we arrived in solidarity and it was an amazing day!

The Collective Advocates met some of the most fascinating people, heard personal stories of human trafficked survivors, like Brook Bello
talk about the "pillaging of her insides by men who repeatedly raped" her small frame as a young girl in the sex trafficking industry, right here in the US. We felt the passion from 13 y.o. activist Victoria of FairGirls who spoke fervently about trying to help young girls escape the dangerous industry that ruins their spirits, bodies and souls.

And we met men; men who understand how important it is to have the presence and the support of our male counterparts to help change this despicable social ill. An ill that is compounded by multiple violations of language assaults on helpless, vulnerable people; violations of human dignity and respect; unwritten contracts between cops, businessmen, women, gangs, pedophiles and even relatives who sacrifice some of our world's most precious treasures, children.

TCA wants you to know that whether you are a victim or supporter of the sex industry in any way there are ways out! Go to our Connections page for more resources, like the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC).

If you want to become more active in this issue email us here or complete a Volunteers form and we will contact you immediately. Follow us on or on and RT our photos and videos from yesterday's event. Helping people to understand that this happens regularly in our own country is the beginning of a great start to raising awareness.

See our Flickr TheCollectiveAfor our gallery of photos from The Stop Modern Slavery Walk.

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The Collective Advocates - Join Us

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dr. Lenore Coleman on Diabetes

If you missed our guest, Dr. Lenore Coleman, PhD on Blog Talk Radio see some of her recommendations on Diabetes below.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yes, We Will

Register to Vote

Hey Supporters,

They want to silence us. But #WeWill be heard. And, we will vote. But you can't vote, if you're not registered. That's why Rock the Vote makes it easy to fill out a voter registration form online at

Whether you need to register to vote for the first time or just need to update your address or change your name, it only takes a few minutes. Already registered to vote? We need your help getting others registered to vote. Send an email to your friends and family asking them to register to vote at
Kind of like this one.

Please be sure to e-mail, tweet, post, and share this on Facebook.


The Collective Advocates

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Blog Talk Radio

Guest: Clinical Pharmacist, Certified Diabetes Educator and President and Founder of Healing Our Village of Maryland, Inc. Dr. Lenore Coleman

Segment: "Diabetes and Clinical Trials, Another Side of Treatment"
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nearly 4 Hours

 Guest Blogger: 
 Tresia Bowles
Nearly 4 hours away, my new life awaited me. I stared at the nature in my new city as we traveled to Valdosta, GA., my entire family and I. We sat down at our last dinner at Applebee’s joined by another family, Valdosta natives, who had been friends of my family for years. Unfortunately, my parents weren’t the best of supporters. Mom kept complaining about the natives and the distance from home or anything else she could think of. Dad was not in the best of moods either and it showed. I was beginning to think that this last day with my family was not going to be the way I pictured in my head, you know, the laughter and reminiscing, maybe shed a tear or two.  Instead they talked to the other family as I ate; fun.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We Require Perspective

Guest Blogger:
Rosechell Spencer III

La Amistad, a Spanish trade-ship, set sail in 1839 from Cuba to The United States. Her cargo was slaves.On the night of a storm, Cinquẻ, a slave releases himself from his shackles and leads a murderous revolt. The slaves kill most of the ship’s crew and then ordered the remaining two crewmen to sail to the sun, to their mother-land Africa. Six weeks later, La Amistad encounters a ship bearing the American flag. The two crewmen actually lied to Cinquẻ, sailed directly to the United States, and ran into the American Navy. The slaves were recaptured, jailed, and placed on trial. They are charged of insurrection, but the court is most concerned with claims of property and property damage. Three parties fight over the ownership of the slaves: Spain, The United States, and the surviving crewmen/traders.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Am Latina. I Am Black. I Am Me.

Mirna S.
Celebrating Latin American History Month is a month for celebrating our diversity as Latin Americans. Latinos are one of those groups of people that cannot be defined by race or biology because we are a mixture of ethnicities, languages and cultural experiences.
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Also Have A Dream

Photo by: James
This week was a busy but very interesting week. The last week of August was here in a flash and a mini vacation for me was right in my peripheral view. Still, there were so many things coming down the pike; setting up a home office for my new business, getting new office supplies including catching a great sale at Best Buy on electronics. And of course, meetings and readings to do, as always.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Lies Ahead: School Books, Peer Pressure & Psychology

Photo by Giuseppe Zeta
For many children around the nation the new school year has arrived. Parents are probably relieved and students are probably all sorts of things--excited, hopeful, afraid. Teachers, families and communities all prepare for a new school year of learning, testing and socializing. Kids and parents have checked the latest fashions, bought new clothes and shoes, book bags and books and off you go! But where in all that preparation are we talking about peer pressure, sexuality, safety? Children will go off to school knowing they will be coerced, liked, disliked, feared and bullied. Let's consider how we begin those conversations at home first.
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mental Health, Meds & Minorities

See more photos from our Harlem Day Flickr Set
Harlem Day is a very special time for NYers and visitors alike. Annually this two day event brings out thousands of people from around the nation. At Harlem Day you can buy abstract art, clothes and handmade jewelry, participate in family activities, eat vegetarian and Caribbean food from local vendors, partake in wellness classes and attend free concerts. It's one of the nation's most anticipated events. And this year instead of being an onlooker I actually contributed to the work of the Social Therapy Group by screening the public on what they think it means to have a mental health diagnosis, primarily in children of color. Though the responses were varied most responders believed that people in general are over-diagnosed, specifically, kids of color and that people use their diagnosis as a crutch over their social responsibility.
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