Monday, November 4, 2013


 Why Advocate?

Getting Involved: How you can be part of a growing group of nation-wide advocates

1. Host a Trunk show using iSanctuary jewelry (and receive 1 survivor-made gift as Host)
2. Subscribe to our blog, (It’s Free!)
3. Retweet and share our messages on Twitter,;  and Facebook;
4. Share our educational materials to raise awareness with your professional and social networks
5. Assist at special events with the Board and high school student interns in raising social awareness 
6. Become part of our Community Outreach Team
7. Refer new advocates to 1 of our Committees
8. Refer people to support our Curriculum Development by referring them to our online campaign,
9. Provide a special skill towards building our programs such as writing or media e.g. photography, video or blogging

Give & Take: What we offer you by joining us

1. Support in training and educating you on human trafficking
2. Support in hosting a Trunk show by supplying the jewelry, receipts, educational information at the event(s)
3. Assistance in the community outreach by going out in the community with you to distribute information
4. Support at community events to provide experiential training in speaking to people in the community
5. Opportunities to develop new skills such as sitting on a Committee
6. Opportunities to network with people from various industries
7. Free marketing/advertising of your participation in community awareness activities and events

Our Accomplishments: Here is a brief summary of some of our accomplishments to date:

1. Human Trafficking awareness campaign & special events in NY and beyond (photos are available via the website and Facebook)
2. Development Weekend 2013, an annual all- day training for Board Members and Social Advocates on community & team building
3. Traveled with advocates to Washington, D.C. to march to raise awareness about human trafficking
3. Conducted classroom screenings of a human trafficking film & discussion at City College, Bronx Community College, Columbia University, Black & Missing Foundation's 5 K Run
4. Co-hosted a monthly segment on Blog Talk Radio
5. Created Health Awareness Campaigns for prostate and triple negative breast cancer and collaborated with community organizations on social issues e.g. Social Therapy and mental health in minority communities
6. Held our 1st annual fundraiser Monologue Slam
7. Created our 1st Crowdfunding campaign (available now;

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