Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dr. Lenore Coleman on Diabetes

If you missed our guest, Dr. Lenore Coleman, PhD on Blog Talk Radio see some of her recommendations on Diabetes below.

Dr.Lenore Coleman says:

-There are 3 basic P's to identifying signs of diabetes: Polyuria (frequent urination), Polydipsia (dry mouth), Polyphagia (excessive eating)

-Diabetes is correlated to other medical conditions such as heart disease

-Amputation is a common result of signs & symptoms of diabetes that go untreated and ignored

-Before visiting your doctor, a patient should: write down their questions,  write down medications you are taking, and list the symptoms you are experiencing

-Visit the Wellness Log from to help maximize your time at your next doctor's appointment

-Healing Our Village is seeking candidates for clinical trials for a new drug to help patients better manage their diabetes. Please call 1-800-788-0941 for more information

To hear the complete interview go to our BTR Archives, Dr.Lenore Coleman, Diabetes & Clinical Trials

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