Monday, October 28, 2013

A Monologue Slam: We Raised Awareness As They Brought Tears to Everyone's Eyes

On Saturday, October 19th some of the most brave and awe-inspiring actors and poets engulfed a room full of curious spectators with their words and enactments of human trafficked survivors. Performance art as education, it was for me a dream come true. To actually sit in a room where someone from the front of the theatre to the back of the theatre came to be shaken to their core by such moving portrayals was an experience I will never forget.
From the commanding introduction of “America” by poet Tony Vozzo to 1st place winner Denise Scott’s screaming outcries of “where were you?” in her portrayal of a brutalized prostituted child, the message of human trafficking continued to be brought to light as a worldwide issue. Not only did the perpetrator and victim played by Samuel LeSane, III really help shape the message of victim and victimizer but also the unfilled dreams of the kids in the hood who never realize their dreams received its voice through poet, Will Dennis. It brought chills to my spine and our audience to tears.
Every month, every week and sometimes every day it feels like the Collective Advocates is evolving in new and powerful ways as social advocates. We have been pushing through those social media doors and stretching out as far as Florida to find new advocates. As we grow, we continue to discover more possibilities into our future as leaders of a new social era.
At the close of the day we want to leave people feeling inspired by our work. We want people to know that advocating is possible even in the smallest ways. A little commitment and an honest desire to make lasting, positive change a reality is for me, one of the best things about living this life.


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