Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday #MentalHealth #MythBuster: Once You Have A Mental Health Diagnosis, It Doesn’t Change or Improve

#Mental Health Diagnoses Are Based On A Comprehensive Evaluation Process That Includes The Use Of A Diagnostic Manual Tool

#Mental Health Diagnoses Are Not Always Fixed & Can Change Over Time

#Mental Health Diagnoses Can Be Different Between One Mental Health Provider’s Evaluation And Another’s

#Mental Health Diagnoses Are Concluded Based On What A Client Presents & A Practitioner Observes In Sessions Together

#Clients May Present With Different Symptoms During Separate Visits

#Medical Conditions Can Have An Impact On Mental Status & Diagnosis

#Medical Conditions Can Trigger Some Changes In One’s Mental Status & Symptoms

#Some Childhood Diagnoses Can Be A Precursor To A Different Diagnosis In Adolescence & Adulthood

#People Can Recover From Mental Illness, With Adequate Treatment & In Some Cases, With Medication

Asha, Licensed Mental Health Specialist



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