Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday #MentalHealth #MythBuster: People Who Have Dementia Will Develop Alzheimer’s Over Time

#Dementia Does Not Become Alzheimer’s Disease In Every Case

#Alzheimer’s Is A Progressive Disease of Memory Loss, Loss of Processing of Information and Behavioral Changes

#Dementia Is Part of Normal Aging But Alzheimer’s Is Not

#People With Dementia May Have Mild to Moderate Challenges With Memory & Expressive Language

#Caregivers Are Important Gatekeepers to Help Relatives/Loved Ones Recall Historical Information to Providers

#People With Alzheimer’s Have Difficulty Recalling Recent Information, Processing New Information and Challenges With Expressive Language

#Alzheimer’s Accounts for 60-80% of Dementia Cases (

#Typical Onset of Alzheimer’s Is Age 65 and Over. Early Onset Is Diagnosed Before Age 65

#Medication Is Available for Patients To Slow The Progression of Dementia, But There Is No Cure For Alzheimer’s

Asha, Licensed Mental Health Specialist



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