Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1st Thursdays

 "Thursdays Change: Bringing Change-makers to You!"
Ralph K. Scott Director of Barbasol

Guest:  Independent Film Promoter and Filmmaker Ralph K. Scott

Segment: "Using Film To Talk About Dementia & Family"

After spending the better part of 19 years promoting independent films in various film festivals and a nationally broadcast short film showcase, Scott has recently made his maiden voyage into the world of film-making. 

Scott has Executive produced 5 nationally broadcast shows featuring independent film. He also has a network of film festivals that he helped develop across the country.

He teaches film appreciation workshops and screenings at the Academy of Social change in New York City.  He has developed and implemented a convention for high school media arts students in New York City.  ICMAS – Inner City Media Arts Summit.

His company, Social Cinema is focused on utilizing films that speak to particular social issues as a tool to bring awareness to the various topics. His current film Barbasol, is a father and son story that touches on Dementia. It will be used to open up discussions about mental health as well as the father and son dynamic.



Twitter: @ralphkscott

Date: 6/6/13; 9:00-9:30pm EST


Call in: 917-889-7765  



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