Friday, April 20, 2012


Mandated Reporters:
~ Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Interns/Internists
~ Pediatricians, Registered Nurses
~ School Teachers, Principals
~ Dentists, Physicians Assistants
~ Ministers and Other Professionals Who Work With Children, Disabled & Elderly

Some Possible Signs Of Abuse & Maltreatment:
~ Unexplained Injuries
~ Bruises on Visible & Hidden Areas Of The Body e.g. The Back, Head, Trunk of The Body
~ Difficulty Sleeping At Appropriate Times Due To Nightmares, Fear
~ Bullying Of Other Children by Abused Children
~ Exploited & Trafficked Children
~ Soiling Self At Inappropriate Ages e.g. Years Beyond Potty Trained Age
~ Bed Sores On The Backside Of A Bed bound Person
~ Inexplicably Disheveled, Unwashed, Sometimes Malodorous Person
~ Inexplicable Vaginal, Anal and Oral Pain In Children

Although these are only some of the signs adults and others may see, there could be so many more. Also, some of these signs can represent other traumatic experiences, as many signs and symptoms mimic multiple emotional, internal and external injuries.

*If your gut is sensing that something just isn't right, placing a call to your local child protective agency for suspected abuse or neglect of a minor or to an adult protective agency for suspected abuse of an adult is permissible. Filing a report typically means there's only suspicion of abuse and/or neglect. Nonetheless, an investigation will ensue.

*Remember, calls can be anonymous!

For contact information on NY State Central Registrar visit Connections



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