Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Last week controversial filmmaker Spike Lee retweeted to over 240,000 followers the address of a middle aged couple thought to belong to gunman George Zimmerman, the neighborhood volunteer watchman who shot and killed 17 y.o. Trayvon Martin, in what he has recently been calling self defense.

Social media has become one of the most innovative new-age ways the world can get involved in social activism. With the click of a button you can send your political and social outcries through cyberspace. But in doing so, can you sometimes make a costly error in judgment? It seems likely.

This year we've seen CNN contributor and broadcast journalist Roland Martin suspended for tweeting what some called anti-gay sentiments via Twitter and now Spike Lee has settled out of court with Elaine and David McClain, for an undisclosed amount, due to Spike's Twitter-finger. The McClain’s reportedly had to leave their home for several days because they were receiving death threats against their son William George Zimmerman, not to be confused with shooter, George Zimmerman.

I too saw on Twitter, not only an address but a telephone number which someone had sent Twitter followers directing them to call and visit this family. But the information later was deemed inaccurate. How much faith can you put in social media even if it comes from celebrities? Admittedly, being curious myself, I called the number. If someone had picked up I can't tell you what I would have said. Probably nothing. Thankfully, the line was busy. Though the address and phone number was public never once did I think to Retweet.

Although, we are rightfully disappointed and angry with our justice system, currently the investigation lies within Florida's judicial system. So many people are desperate to see justice that even putting a hoodie on your head during a House Committee meeting (Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill) has led some to believe we've all gone mad! Like Roland Martin said last week, fight injustice the right way. Causing public disturbance (fights & arrests in Zuccotti Park) and sending out misinformation through Twitter isn't going to help our battle, it's only going to misrepresent it.

Continue to stand your ground, but stand it the right way. Know your facts and get involved!

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At April 3, 2012 at 11:01 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Yes I agree. I am a big advocate on research. Please know the facts before speaking or acting on anything especially if you are a public figure. What a quick way to tarnish your career, reputation and in the case of social justice undermine our continued struggle for true equality.

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