Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trayvon Martin: An Open Dialogue

Tonight, The Collective Advocates sounded off on Facebook about their thoughts, reactions and ideas for change surrounding the injustice of free-man, George Zimmerman and the deceased, 17 y.o. Trayvon Martin. We talked about economic boycotts, POTUS's 26 day delay to responding, and much more.

And as the nation is grieving, protesting and working together to make their voices heard all over this nation, my spirit is raised with faith in our power. We are not apathetic. We are not intimidated. We are not fearful but fearless. We are brave citizens of the United States of America and I feel proud (as does Rev. Sharpton) that thousands of people are being active and becoming empowered!

Check out some of the quotes from tonight's discussion online and please continue to send us your comments, your reactions to the current investigation. What are YOU doing this weekend in your community to impact positive change?

A few quotes from tonight's discussion:

"Boycotts need to take place in this town ....surrounding ... no longer patronizing stores in this town....boycotts brings about change...because when you hit the towns pockets... they will begin to complain.... when the town complains.... more changes will happen... Voices are heard clearer when generating or making money becomes affected or compromised. I pray Floridians take heed and begin boycotting."   - Paula M.

"We must patrol our own neighborhoods on a daily basis and constantly message to our youth the importance of education, how to protect themselves at all times and how to navigate this vicious legal system...."   - Monique T.

"As an educator I have not heard 1 thing about how they are working with Trayvon Martin's young classmates and friends who too are mourning the loss of a friend.....this has to be scary and sad at the same time for youngsters who knew him."   - Paula M.

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