Sunday, July 15, 2012

Social Media: What’s So Social About It?

As we enter the middle of Social Wellness Month I’ve been questioning what social wellness means to me. We’re living in the days where socializing boils down to quarterly get-togethers and ubiquitous texting between friends, in a culture where being connected means I find Friends on Facebook and request Followers on Twitter.

It mostly reminds me of the times in high school where the cool kids (nowadays, celebrities) hang out and talk with one another while everyone else (Tweeters) hangs around and onto their almost every word, hoping they’ll throw a little attention your way (a Follow or Retweet).

When we forgo a live phone call for a text conversation it changes the effect of relating all together. Not only do you lose the tone of what’s being said, in my opinion, but also all the nuances of the interplay between talkers.

Are we considering the impact this has on human relations? Are we actually relating or do we pretend to relate thru the social mediums that say we do?



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