Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday #MH #MB: Having More Than 1 Therapist Is Good Practice

#It’s Not In A Client’s Best Interest To See More Than 1 Therapist At A Time

#Each Provider Will Have A Different Style, Training and Goals For Their Client(s)

#If A Client Disagrees With A Diagnosis, Go Get A Second Opinion

#Seeing Your Mental Health Provider On A Regular Basis Is Important To The Healing Process

#If A Client Needs To See Their Provider More Than 1 Time A Week, Discuss It With Your Provider and Your Insurance Carrier

#Clients Have A Right To Know What They Are Being Treated For, So Ask!

#It’s In Good Practice For A Provider To Refer A Client To Another Provider If The Therapist Moves or Leaves The Practice Or The Employer

Asha, Licensed Mental Health Specialist



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